"Union of the Descendants of the Russian Nobility - The Assembly of the Russian Nobility" (or ARN for short) is a corporate public organization bringing together individuals belonging to the Russian Nobility and registered by the Russian Ministry of Justice.

The objective of the Assembly is to contribute to the restoration of Russia as a great power, to the formation of social consciousness based on traditional spiritual values, to the promotion of civic principles and high morality.

The Assembly unites more than 70 regional branches and offices, including 50 provincial Assemblies on the territory of the present-day Russian Federation, plus regional Nobility Assemblies established in the areas that historically belonged to the Russian Empire and other foreign countries. As of today, the total membership of ARN is about 14000 persons, including family members.

Supreme authority in the framework of ARN belongs to the All-Russian Nobility Congress that takes place at least once in three years in Moscow. In the periods between the Congresses the Assembly is governed by the United Nobility Council comprising the top representatives of provincial Assemblies.

Oleg V. Sherbachev is the present Leader (Marshall) of the Assembly (since April 26, 2014).

The Assembly of the Russian Nobility is a non-political organization. However, it does not avoid making public comments on issues of crucial importance in the life of Russia and other states that used to belong to one country in the past. ARN actively participates in public affairs and debates by interacting with the Federation Council and both its chambers, with the Presidential Administration and Government of Russia, with the ministries of defense, foreign affairs, culture and the Russian Federal Agency for Cooperation with Foreign Countries ("Rossotrudnichestvo").

The Assembly of the Russian Nobility is interacting in the closest possible way with the Moscow Patriarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church.

ARN is carrying out a whole set of enlightening, historical, cultural, humanitarian and educational programs. Many of these are linked to the key events and dates of Russian history. The latest example is the Assembly's participation in the state celebrations of the 200th Anniversary of great Russia's victory over Napoleon in the Patriotic War of 1812.

It is of utmost importance for ARN members that the activities of their Assembly are carried out under the Highest Patronage of Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna, the legitimate Head of the Russian Imperial House.